Frequently Asked Questions

Online Reservations FAQ

How do I book a campsite online?

  1. Click here to access our online availability.
    • Please select the number of campers in your party, by adjusting the number of Adults and Children (ages 4+) in the boxes following your Arrival and Departure dates.  Additional information like an extra vehicle, dog or cot should also be added at the same time.
    • Please select from the type of accommodation you are looking for: Glamping, RV, Tent camping, etc. and click the blue “Search” box below the ADA icon. (If you do not choose a specific type of site, all of the sites suited for your camping party will appear.)
    • Select the campsite you would like to reserve by clicking the blue “Book” icon.
    • You’re reservation details will appearing the upper left hand side of the reservation page under “Your Reservation“.
    • You can finish booking your reservation by clicking the blue “Checkout” icon below your reservation details. (if you would like to add additional sites, follow the first 5 steps again before you click “Checkout”) Note: Make sure if you are booking multiple sites that you adjust the amount of Adults, Kids, Dogs etc. for each individual site you book.– this requires clicking “Search”)
    • If you want to remove a specific site from your reservation, you can click the “x” located above the price of your reservation.

    Please enter your contact details and credit card information.

Do you charge for children or extra people?

Our tent and RV sites have a maximum occupancy of 4 adults (families travelling are allowed 6 guests).  For example: You can book a campsite with 1 adult and 5 children or 2 adults and 4 children– the total number of adults in the campsite is not to exceed 4 and the total number of guests, if you include children ages 4-17, is not to exceed 6 guests in total.  If you need to accommodate more than 6 people, please book multiple sites.

All Queen Bed glamping tents are based on double occupancy.  A child may sleep on a cot $10 per night (linens not provided), please request a cot prior to arrival.  Maximum occupancy in glamping tents is 3 adults and/or 4 guests total.  Glamping Tents #2 and #11 with four twins price includes up to 4 people.  We recently added G20, the family glamping tent, which is $150 for 4 people, maximum 3 adults, can accommodate an extra child, for an extra $10.  Please note that extra cars, when sites permit, are $10 per night.

What if I need to cancel my online reservation?

Please give us a call (530-265-9900) or email us at  Please keep in mind the Inn Town Campground’s cancellation policy:

● There is a 10% cancellation processing fee on all reservations before the cancellation window.
● Reservations become non-refundable during the following cancellation windows.

– Glamping Tents: 7 days
– RV sites: 7 days (June-July-August) & 72 hours September-May
– Tent Sites: 7 days (June-July-August) & 72 hours September-May.

Do you charge my card when I book online?

Yes, all reservations are paid in full at the time of booking.

What time is check-in?

You may check-in to your Glamping Tent, RV or tent site any time after 3 pm.

Can I request an early check-in?

Please let us know if your travel plans have you arriving earlier then 3pm, we can usually accommodate a 2:30 check in if we have advance notice.

Can I arrive late?

We ask that all campers arrive by 10pm to ensure the quiet nature of our campground.

Do you offer long term rates?

The Inn Town Campground has a 14 day maximum stay limit within one month.

Does the Inn Town Campground offer group bookings?

Yes, reservations with 5 or more campsites (tent/RV or glamping) are subject to the Inn Town Campground group booking policy as follows:

  • If you wish to book more than 3 months in advance, we are happy to block sites for 15 days for individual group members to finalize their plans.  Each member that books a site will be responsible for their own reservation.  Those reservations will be subject to our standard individual reservation cancellation policy. After 15 days, any un-reserved sites will be released.
  • Group reservations made 3 months or closer to arrival must be paid in full at time of booking.  These reservations will be subject to our standard 10% cancellation fee until 30 days before arrival, at which point the reservations become non-refundable and non-changeable.
  • Communal spaces cannot be reserved for exclusive use and are first-come, first-served.
  • Please observe max occupancy in communal spaces and camp sites, especially the kitchen and dining area.
  • Due to our use permit, group events can only be for campers, outside guests are not allowed at group functions.

We are currently reviewing our group booking policies to determine how long we can set aside a block of sites, please call us, 530 265 9900.

Are you open year-round?

Yes, the Inn Town Campground will be open year-round.  The glamping tents will be closed in the winter months, but tent and RV sites are available all year.

Do you allow dogs?

Yes, the Inn Town Campground is dog friendly.  We allow dogs in all tent and RV sites for an additional $5/per dog per night.  Half of the glamping tents (G1-G8) allow dogs for an additional $20/per dog per night.  Please note that we do not allow dogs in The Commons or bathrooms.

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General FAQ

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes, click here to buy one online.

Can I book a campsite for my family reunion in 18 months?

The Inn Town Campground is currently accepting reservations 12 months in advance, so please check back with us in 6 months.

Can I get a tour?

We are open 7 days a week, please stop by the office and register as a guest and we can give you some additional information about our campground during office hours.

Can I reserve The Commons for my family’s gathering?

The living room, kitchen and dining area in our main building are for all of our guests, so unfortunately we do not reserve them for any private functions.  We also remind campers that the campground facilities are for registered campers only, so please do not organize a family reunion gathering at the Inn Town Campground that includes outside guests.

When will the pool be open?

It opened Memorial Day weekend 2017, it is a seasonal, non-heated pool and will be open spring-fall.

Can I stay at the pool after check-out?

Unfortunately no, our check out at 11 is for all our facilities to allow us time to clean and prep for the next set of guests.

Will all the sites have a picnic table?


Can I cook in my glamping tent?

No, all camp stoves will have to be outside.

Can I fit a cot in the glamping tent with 4 twins?  Or how many cots can I fit into the queen bed glamping tents?

There isn’t enough floor space in Glamping Tent #2 and #11 (with the four twin beds) for an additional cot.  The glamping tents measure in size 12 x 14 feet, there is space in the tents for one or two cots, but it really depends on how cozy you want to be.  Please note that the max occupancy in all of our tents is no more then 3 adults and/or 4 guests (if kids included), we recommend 3 in the tents with a queen.  If you need a cot, please request one prior to arrival, otherwise you can get one from the office during office hours.

Do you have any Group Discounts?  Military Discounts?  Are you a member of the Good Sam Club

The Inn Town Campground is not a member of the Good Sam Club or any of the other franchise campground associations.  We are currently not offering any discounts.

What do you sell in the camp store?

Beverages, coffee, Inn Town Campground merchandise, ice, ice cream and other goodies.  We also have beer & wine available for purchase.

Is there a group camp site?

Not at this time.  We recommend that you book multiple tent sites next to each other if you’re coming with multiple parties, but please note that we do have quiet hours at the Inn Town Campground, so for larger groups, please be aware that if your party can be heard from another camp site it is too loud.

Are there any RV spots that can accommodate more then one trailer?

Unfortunately we’re only allowed to have one RV per site, sorry.

Do you have Cable connections at the RV sites?

Unfortunately no, cable is not available in our neighborhood.

Do the Glamping Tents have bathrooms?

No, the Glamping Tents include: a bed, linens, bed side tables, towels, electricity, fan, heated mattress pads and outdoor seating.  The bathroom blocks are a short distance from the Glamping Tents.  Please see the campground map for specific locations.

What does a “walk-in” tent site mean?

We’ll update the exact distance when we finish building the parking spaces, but it’s not a far walk from your parking spot.  Site 35 is the farthest from the road and is approximately 200 feet.  Site 33 is approximately 100 feet from the parking spot.  We will have pull carts available to shuttle your stuff.

Guests FAQ

We wanted to have some guests come by and visit us. Do they need to do anything?

We require guests be pre registered by the camping party prior to guest arrival. There is a $5 guest fee, per guest. Little ones 3 and under are free. The guest/s will need to check in at the front office when they arrive to sign a registration card, and check out when leaving.

Guests are allowed between the hours of 10AM and 8PM.

My sister is coming by to say “hi,” she is just going to be here for 5 minutes.

We still require any guest to pay the guest fee.

Our friends want to meet us here, and then we are going to go out to dinner, is that ok?

If they are just picking you up and dropping you off they don’t need to be registered as guests.

We try to limit vehicle traffic beyond the upper parking area. So we ask that you meet them here in the parking area and have them drop you off here as well. If they wish to stay and visit a while before or after your dinner plans, they will need to be pre registered with the office and check in upon arrival.

What if we just want to come by and check out the campground?

Visitors who are not visiting campers, and who want to check out the campground are more than welcome to come by the campground during office hours to get information about our facilities.

We were planning on doing a dinner here, with our guests, can they stay until after dinner is over.

Our guest policies allow them to be on site between the hours of 10am and 8pm. We do require all guests to leave the campground by 8pm.

There is more parking at our site; can our guests park at the site? 

We try to limit vehicle traffic throughout the campground, to keep dust down as well as creating a quieter environment for campers. So we ask that you park in our main parking area unless otherwise directed by staff.

My friend has a baby, do you charge for the baby too?

No, we do not. There is no fee for any little one age 3 and under.

Can our friends drop off things to our campsite then park in the parking area?

Yes. They still need to sign in at the office upon arrival before continuing to your campsite. Once they have finished unloading we do require all vehicles of guests be parked in the parking lot.

Can our friend’s kids come watch the movie tonight with our kids?

Unfortunately the movies run beyond our guest hours. If your friends want to book a site they can stay for the movie, hang out, and you can do breakfast in the morning!

We have friends picking us up. Can they drive to our site to get us?

Yes they can, we just need them to check in at the front office so that we can help guide them to your site, as well as sign in due to insurance purposes.

Is there a maximum amount of guests that I can have come and visit?

The number of people including registered campers and day guests may not exceed the maximum occupancy rate of the site. 

We are going to be celebrating a birthday and want to invite our local friends and family here for a quick party. If they are only here for a few hours in the middle of the day can we have more people than the occupancy limit?

Unfortunately no. The occupancy rate per site is based on the overall permitted occupancy rate of the campground. We have information available about our local public parks and state parks around Nevada City. Many of them have day use picnic areas that might be a nice place for your party.