Vintage trailer camping
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Girl Camper Weekend

Last weekend the Inn Town Campground hosted a Girl Camper weekend with Girl Camper Ambassador Janine Pettit.  When she's not camping, she contributes to GoRving's blog, she's active on Instagram, Facebook or creates a weekly Girl Camper…

Camping Snafus

Hello campers, after listening to our friends RV Family Travel Atlas talking about epic camping fails we got talking about some of our favorite stories from past adventures, we've done a lot of trips (check out the Inn Town Campground's Instagram…

a trial run

  While the Inn Town Campground isn't open yet, it hasn't stopped a few family members from taking a trial run.  Good to have a few focus groups to get a feel for the lay of the land.

Engagement Photos

My talented friend Athena used the future campground as a backdrop for some recent engagement photos for Allison & Lucas, you can see the rest of the photos on Athena's blog, click here.  Fun to see the future campsite through the eyes…