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Nevada City Girl Camper Weekend

Vintage trailer camping

Last weekend the Inn Town Campground hosted a Girl Camper weekend with Girl Camper Ambassador Janine Pettit.  When she’s not camping, she contributes to GoRving’s blog, she’s active on InstagramFacebook or creates a weekly Girl Camper podcast for the RV Family Travel Atlas.  You can hear me chat with Janine on her podcast next month.  Janine opted for the , “the tried and true Girl Camper camping rule – KISS – Keep It Simple Silly! Friday night everyone bring an appetizer to the gathering space and share! Campfire and fellowship afterwards. On Saturday we will explore the mining town and eat lunch on our own. On Saturday evening we will meet for cocktails and dinner in a central location and do our BYOP dinner. Bring Your Own Protein. The grill will be going and all the sides will be supplied. Bring your salmon steak, T-Bone or pork chop and grill it just as you like it.”  In addition we had a fun trailer tour, craft hour and lots of chit chatting about the RV lifestyle.  Thanks to all the ladies who came out to join us at the campground.  I was inspired by Leslie’s story, she attended the RV Entrepreneur Summit earlier this year to learn more about the world of full timing and got inspired to test the waters with our girl camper weekend, renting a Class A motorhome via Outdoorsy and camping for the first time in a RV.  We all really enjoyed looking inside Jenny’s beautiful 1962 Kenskill Trailer, Danielle’s 1963 Aladdin, Mary’s vintage Shasta and I even brought over our 1957 Cardinal for my very first solo trailer camping adventure.  (Click here for a fun Instagram video of setting it up and click here for a video of breaking down the camp).  Below are some additional photos from the weekend, many thanks to Lenkaland Photography and Jim Pyle for stopping by to take a few additional photos of the fun.  Who’s inspired to channel Janine’s motto, “Going places, doing things!” and get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall camping weather?



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  1. Mary Kirlin
    Mary Kirlin says:

    What a great story! We had a blast. The campground is the perfect place to host an event like this. The facilities were so welcoming and it gave us all a chance to mingle and visit.

    I’m already looking forward to next year! I’ll come a day early and get more Holiday shopping done!

  2. RV Roof Magic
    RV Roof Magic says:

    Time spent with friends and loved ones gives us some unforgettable memories. These memories become a part of our heart and we enjoy some excitement while recalling them. After reading your post I am going to plan something. I Like your idea of a specific girls’ tour to do all those things which we want.


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