a trial run



While the Inn Town Campground isn’t open yet, it hasn’t stopped a few family members from taking a trial run.  Good to have a few focus groups to get a feel for the lay of the land.  Always fun to test out our dream with friends and family.

Before the official opening of the Inn Town Campground, we embarked on a phase to ensure our facilities met the highest standards of comfort and convenience for future campers. Our goal was to create a unique and enjoyable camping experience that seamlessly blended the charm of traditional camping with modern amenities.

We began by inviting a very select group of product testers, always fun to test the vision.

The feedback from our test campers was overwhelmingly positive, with constructive criticism helping us fine-tune our services. This thorough testing phase was crucial in identifying and addressing potential issues, ensuring that when the Inn Town Campground opened its doors, it provided a top-notch, enjoyable camping experience for all visitors.

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