The Count Down is on

Aerial view of Glamping Loop
Inn Town Campground, Lenkaland Photography

Photo by Lenkaland Photography

Hello campers!  We are busy gearing up for our July 1st deadline, so here’s a round up of news at the Inn Town Campground.

The next tour is scheduled for Friday, June 17th at noon.  We’ve really enjoyed the opportunity over the last month to get the chance to show people around the property and give them a behind the scenes tour of the project.  We have had a number of enquires about when we’re going to have a grand opening party and currently the plan is to have a celebration for the Inn Town Campground at the end of the summer, as we’re currently busy working hard to get everything ready for the July 1st opening.  If you can’t make this week’s tour, we’ll have another one on Wednesday, June 22nd at 10am.

We’re extremely excited to be included in the upcoming July issue of Sunset magazine, look for the issue with the shiny Airstream on it and read about glamping, or click here to see our mention.  The Inn Town Campground was also included in the June issue of Modern Luxury’s San Francisco magazine article “17 ways to Summer.”  Listen to us chat on KVMR, to hear that archives for June 14th Music Magazine with Johnny Gallagher (4pm show, 30 minutes into the archive).

Many thanks to Lenkaland Photography for checking out the campground, you can check out Lenka’s blog post about the tour here or Giovanni’s video of the project.  If you missed any of our other preview videos, click here for the online gallery.  And I did a preview of one of the glamping tents on Facebook Live, I’m going to do another pre-tour preview on Friday, tune in at 11am and let me know if you have any questions.

Glamping Tent, Inn Town Campground

If want to look inside the glamping tents, check out the new online gallery, each tent is a little different.  If you want to have a look at our campground map to determine which tent is where, click here.

And while we keep talking about all the trees at the campground, here’s a fresh perspective of the glamping tents from above.

Looking down at the Inn Town Campground glamping tents

Photo by Brandon Everett

We’ve been dreaming about the campground for years and started this project almost 3 years ago.  One year ago this week we broke ground on the infrastructure.  The process has not always been easy, but we’re looking forward to sharing the finished project with our community.  We hope you have an opportunity to come check out the Inn Town Campground this summer.  Follow us along on Instagram and Facebook to see more of the behind the scenes fun.

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  1. Denise
    Denise says:

    Congratulations! Really, really incredible work you’ve done and it’s turned out beautifully! I am excited to see it in person!!!

  2. kathi diehl
    kathi diehl says:

    wonderful!! Such an opportunity in your young lives!! So envious!! Will come and experience InnTown Camping!!!


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