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The Inn Town Campground was built from a love of camping.  For those of you who have followed our story through the years, you’ll know that Dan & I built the campground from the ground up.  The vintage Airstream office was part of the beginning of this journey, because Dan needed a space to work while doing all the permitting and construction process.  Over the years I’ve used the Airstream as a great backdrop to fun photos at camp and as a quiet space to get some work done.  With so many people working remotely, kids doing distance learning and the wanderlust that we’re all experiencing in 2020 I thought it would a great opportunity to show off the space and give you a few ideas on how you can find some travel inspiration in your work space.  I find that even the 10 minutes of quiet time in a beautiful work space can make the tasks more enjoyable.

5 Tips to Create an Inviting Workspace
  • Sometimes while working it’s fun to dream of past and future adventures.  On my desk I have a photo from Botswana on an African safari from a number of years ago.  While I may not be globetrotting at the moment, having that photo as a constant visual is a great reminder of past adventures.  For your future adventures, take some time and trip plan, create a Pinterest board or just drool over pretty pictures on Instagram to get a mild case of wanderlust.  Maybe now is the time to finally get around to print some of your favorite travel photos?
  • One of the things I love about the Airstream office is that I have windows all the way around me.  The natural light provides a great reminder of the world outside, even when I’m sitting at my desk.  Can you move your desk closer to a window?  Turn it around so you have more outside light?
  • Staying grounded, it seems silly to say that when I’m writing about working in a mobile office, but there’s something about being surrounded by trees at the campground that is a great way to remember why I’m doing the work I’m doing.  If you’re working on the road or remotely, remember to bring some Mother Nature inside to your work space.
  • Dream… I think for many of us the pressures of life in 2020 are getting to us, so with a nod to reality, I think it’s important to hold on to your dreams and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. That might not happen in your work space, but for me, having a mobile office in the middle of a campground is a constant reminder of what we dreamed, what we built and why I need to show up every day.
  • Finding inspiration in the every day… for me this month I’ve been taking a photo of my afternoon coffee and creating art in the daily practice.  Sometimes work feels like work, but perhaps it’s the every day things that can remind you of the simple joys.  While working in a beautiful vintage Airstream office I am reminded every time that you can build it and create your dream, but you still have to show up every day and do the work.

Photos by Lenkaland Photography

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