Airstream Restoration


Airstream Sovereign Trailer, before photos

We recently aquired a new-to-us Airstream.  Some of you may have seen photos of Dan’s Airstream office, click here for more photos of the beautiful restoration.  So when a friend tagged us on a local Facebook group about a gutted 1970 Airstream Sovereign, Dan was fairly quick to enquire.  I had a sneaky feeling that when he said he was going to “have a look”, that there was a good chance we’d be adding to our fleet.  The 30 foot trailer is in need of some repair, so we asked our Instagram friends what they thought we should use it for and I loved the responses.  Ideas included: a pop-up cocktail lounge, an internet cafe, a pizza cafe, a library and a yoga space.  We’re happy to admit that we don’t actually have a plan for the trailer yet.  Who knows what it’ll be!

Airstream Trailer, Inn Town Campground  

Airstream Trailer

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