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Construction continues at the Inn Town Campground.  We’re getting closer to finishing the infrastructure with S&P Excavating and have a whole crew of builders from MK & Sons Construction hard at work building the communal building, 2 separate bathroom blocks and the garage.  It is great to see visible progress on a daily basis after nearly 2 years of planning this project.  Click here for our new gallery of photos of the construction process.

If you haven’t checked out the website lately, we’ve made some improvements.  We’ve added the In The News, Testimonials and updated photo galleries.  And for those of you who want updates on a more regular basis, follow us on Instagram.

The most common questions about the Inn Town Campground are:  “Where are you located?” and “When can I make reservations?”  The answers to those questions are: 9 Kidder Court, next door to the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum in Nevada City off Gold Flat Road.  And we hope to have reservations up in the New Year for our Summer of 2016 opening.  We promise to make a lot of noise when we’re ready for you to start planning your summer/fall or maybe even winter camping getaways in Nevada City.  The other question we’ve been asked is whether we’ll have vintage trailers for rent, as you may have seen our Airstreams (yes that’s plural).  And the answer to that question is no, not that this stage.  I had a chance to meet Kristiana Spaulding, from Silver Trailer, earlier this week (and her traveling friend Alison Turner, click here to see her fabulous Instagram photo of our meet up), and it was great to chat about the vintage Airstream rental world.  The Inn Town Campground is busy building a campground for you to bring your RV or vintage trailer, your tent or rent one of our glamping tents (check out this fun preview of our glamping tents) and while we never say never about renovating and renting trailers (click here to see inside Dan’s beautiful Airstream office), we’re currently not planning to do so before we open next summer.  I know you’re all waiting for the answer on what we’re going to do with the 30′ Airstream we bought earlier this year… when we figure it out we’ll let you know.

Inn Town Campground Construction, Nevada City CampingIMG_3535



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