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Building picnic tables and more


February is flying by, so here’s a round up on where we’re at and what’s ahead.  First, and foremost, we know the two most popular questions of the moment are: “When are you going to open?” and “When can I make a reservation?”.  We are on schedule to open this summer, with a goal of opening our gates in June.  We have not set a grand opening date yet due to the number of variables (like El Nino), but will keep you posted as soon as we feel confident of the exact date.  We will be offering tours this spring, before we open, for all of those happy campers who want to come and check out the Inn Town Campground.  Information will be posted on the blog, Facebook and Instagram.  Reservations are also coming soon.  We hope to have them up within the next couple of weeks, with advance reservations starting July 1st for most of the sites (we’ll be rolling out all the sites as we finish building them).  We will be updating the website with more specific information about the different types of camping (tents, RV spots and glamping tents) and details about the policies (cancellation fees, number of people, dogs, RV spot sizes, hook ups, group policies, etc.) in the next week.  If you have a specific question, feel free to post a comment on this post.

The construction process is moving right along.  MK & Sons Construction continue to work on the communal building, two bathroom blocks and garage.  The exteriors are painted, all four buildings are now lined with wall board and will soon be painted inside. The next step is to begin work on the glamping tent platforms.


For those of you who follow us on Instagram and Facebook, I shared some photos of picnic table construction.  Thanks to the help of our friend Thad, who can build a picnic table in no time, we’ve now got picnic tables at almost every tent & RV spot, the rest will come shortly.



As we mentioned, we start construction on the glamping tent platforms next week.  In addition to showing you where the tents will be, I hope to show a few sneak peeks of the interior design, as each tent is getting a custom design theme.  Our love of fun, funky and individual themes from the Outside Inn is coming to the Inn Town Campground.

We have received a number of calls and enquires about weddings; we just want to remind our future campers that we are not a wedding venue.  Please click here for more information on local Nevada City wedding venues.  The Inn Town Campground looks forward to hosting guests who are attending weddings in our area, but unfortunately cannot accommodate the ceremony or the reception.

The Inn Town Campground swimming pool design is under way, with hopes of construction starting later this spring.

Construction, infrastructure, operations, reservations…  all of it is happening (at the same time); thanks for joining us on this crazy adventure, the years of dreaming are actually becoming a reality!


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