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Summer camping season is in full swing at the campground and it’s been a blast having so many happy campers.  We’ve already got folks planning their 2024 adventures, but for those of you who are little more spur of the moment we still have options for all varieties of camping during the week, click here for availability.  It’s fair week in Nevada County, so lots of fun happening in Nevada County.   And did you catch our cool new 360 degree tour?  If you’re trying to figure out which site you want, you can a lap around camp.  While it’s been hot in Nevada City and we all keep dreaming of things cooling off… with kids starting school right around the corner, it’s time to squeeze the most of out these remaining summer days. 

Nevada County Fair

For those who’ve been dreaming of a getaway to Nevada City, here are a few upcoming events:

South Yuba River

One of the great summer activities in Nevada City is to go swimming at the South Yuba River.  For those concerned about safety and river awareness, please monitor the river flows and continue to have river safety awareness when swimming.  Or if you want to participate in the annual SYRCL River Clean up, September 23rd, sign up online.  We have directions to the river in our camp store for campers, so feel free to ask us for more swimming hole information.  Or maybe you want to head to Scotts Flat Lake and rent a SUP or kayak from Mountain Rec in the day use area.  Or, for our campers who are looking for something refreshing but closer, you can always lounge by our swimming pool.  No matter what your outdoor adventure preference, we’ve got great suggestions for those visiting us at the Inn Town Campground (biking, hiking, swimming holes, etc.).


We’ve had a lot of campers in electric cars this summer, so we put together a few suggestions on local charging stations and have some answered some of the frequently asked questions on our FAQ.  But, if you think of something we haven’t covered, feel free to let us know, we’re constantly trying to help people make their camping experience better.  To follow everything happening at camp, make sure to check out our InstagramFacebook, Pinterest, TikTok or Twitter feeds.  If you’re looking for more local ideas, check out the Visit Nevada City Instagram feed or the InnSide Nevada City blog.  Many thanks to those who have cheered us along, we love meeting fans in real life at the campground.  Thanks for making the summer so much fun!  It’s a lot of work, but we appreciate all the happy campers.

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