Cheers to the Inn Town Campground Approval

Hello campers!  We have a long road ahead of us, but we’re excited to say that we passed the Nevada City Planning Commission use permit approval process today.  With this approval we can continue to move forward on the next stage of the development of the property.  We’ve got roads to build, trees to trim, building permits to secure and all sorts of other fun!  We have officially launched our social media campaigns, so if you want to follow us along on Instagram and Facebook please do.

Inn Town Campground Flask

While the campground process is still in development, we have decided that perhaps it’s time to have a beverage while we wait?  These flasks are not currently for sale, but since we’re so excited about them, we thought we should give one away.  Post a comment on this blog about your favorite camping beverage and we’ll draw the winner on October 23rd, happy to mail the flask to the winner if you live outside of Nevada City.

*Edited to say the winner of the flask is Mellisa.

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  1. Matt Mason
    Matt Mason says:

    I want a flask! My favorite camp beverage is a bourbon or rye, neat in a metal enamel cup. Something just says camping with that.

  2. Diane Richards
    Diane Richards says:

    Congrats! I wish you much success in you new venture 🙂

    Beautiful design on the flask.

    I am such a cheap date. Favorite camping beverage – Some wonderful, natural, fresh and refreshing filtered water from a creek.

  3. Rhonda Apicella
    Rhonda Apicella says:

    My favorite camp beverage is Rough and Ready red from the NC Winery! I’m not camping right now, but I am having a glass. That flask would be sweet at Worldfest next July . . .hmmm?

  4. Jilline Henderson
    Jilline Henderson says:

    Rather fond of the excellent Kraken rum. Perfect for a well-planned and cozy campground. Kudos to your plan…

  5. Judith Berliner
    Judith Berliner says:

    if I like hot chocolate, do I still get a chance to win the flask? I have someone who would like it for Christmas…. And I will come stay in one of your tents …. So awesome to see this idea take root.

  6. Mellisa
    Mellisa says:

    This is so fantastic, Erin! I’m super excited for you and for our community! I could go quite crazy with the exclamation points if I allowed myself. I feel like dancing!!! 🙂

    Favorite drinks while camping? After a long hike, a nice, cold beer from the cooler. With dinner, watching the stars come out — a red wine fits the bill nicely.

  7. Larry
    Larry says:

    Hey INN TOWN,, CONGRATS on your business construction approval.
    Your link was mentioned by HEATHER m D in your region.. Glad to see the oldie RV trailers, & your restoration on Airstream . Are you guys members of national vintage club & Face Book page TIN CAN TOURIST ?? They have many big camground rallies, getting bigger each year with these TV reality shows.. Travel channel ,,, Great county TV , etc…
    . We are in Chattanooga , Tenn & some gal members talk about land in north Georgia, & the vintage site interest…. My beverage or two for the FLASK would be our “CHATTANOOGA WHISKEY” or our mtn MoonShine for our Applichain mtns.

    • erin thiem
      erin thiem says:

      Thanks Larry, we’ve been following Tin Can Tourists on Pinterest and Instagram, so thanks for reaching out. Cheers to the beverage of choice and helping represent the other side of the country.

  8. Janet Jensen
    Janet Jensen says:

    Can’t wait, will be the perfect place for my friends to bring their airstream. Then they can just walk to our house. Looking forward to your project. I know it was be a class act.

  9. Karen Ramsey
    Karen Ramsey says:

    On my first back packing trip, I was introduced to apricot brandy in a flask. We passed it around the camp fire and nothing ever tasted better!
    I always reflect on that coming together time, how being outdoors with a group made our connection stronger, how the camp fire seemed to represent the circle of family that we became in that moonlit night. Your flask brought back wonderful and powerful memories for me! Really looking forward to seeing your project unfold.

  10. Tara
    Tara says:

    Just about anything is nice after camp is set up and there is a fire to sit around and relax. That flask would be a great backpacking take along. So excited for you guys- Tara

  11. Dana Tanner Powell
    Dana Tanner Powell says:

    Love this!! When I first read the contest I immediately thought of water…or wine of course..but then when I saw the flask single malt scotch came to mind…a little something to help keep us warm around the campfire!

    • erin thiem
      erin thiem says:

      Thanks Dana, I can see you and Bill coming for a campout and inviting your mom over for a beverage (of any kind). If you win, you’ll have to do a promotional photo with the flask in one of the many fabulous places you find yourself.

  12. Celina Raper
    Celina Raper says:

    AWESOME job you guys!! Cannot wait….
    Favorite drink while camping…
    Patron and pineapple juice!!
    Beautiful flask you guys, would love to have it!

  13. Kevin M Groneck.
    Kevin M Groneck. says:

    With all the news about mini malls and new dollar stores this is the best business plan I’ve heard in a long time. Bring customers to town,cleanup overgrown land,create a fun place. Awesome. My favorite camp drink, margaritas, sometimes minus all the stuff but the lime and salt.

  14. Debra Ahearn
    Debra Ahearn says:

    My favorite drink camping is:
    Bailey’s, hot cocoa and a little touch of coffee. Nothing better on a cold night sitting by the campfire.

  15. Peggy Wright
    Peggy Wright says:

    This is wonderful news for Nevada City. Congrats and thanks for all your hard work to get this going. I hope you will give away a free night in a “Glamping” tent because we want to come and stay overnight. Peppermint schnapps or apricot brandy in the winter while snow shoeing is my favorite use of a flask.

    • erin thiem
      erin thiem says:

      I love that you’re already suggesting the next contest, we’ll have to stick to items we can actually do for now though, so cheers to the peppermint schnapps you might have while out snow shoeing (pray for snow!).

  16. Kingy Shanahan
    Kingy Shanahan says:

    I always have a good spicy Bloody Mary in the morning around the morning fire with my spit fire grilled pancakes and bacon. (uncured of course) I can see my long Dilly bean sticking out the top of that canteen now…I’m really looking forward to this place opening, a great place to stay while attending the Worldfest, or the Celtic Festival, or just to get away from the city life and enjoy G.V. and N.V. I’m from Sactown.

  17. Sandi
    Sandi says:

    What a fantastic idea!!! I wish you all the luck in the world and will spread the word to many friends. Great design on the flask which would hold my favorite camping beverage the orange blossom specials 🙂

  18. Beth
    Beth says:

    This flask will be perfect for my inn town bro down where we will drink a secret mixture I will call the inn town guzzle down. Details to follow.

  19. Jen
    Jen says:

    So incredibly excited for you guys!! Absolutely love the flask!! Would be perfect for boat camping too!
    You know red wine is always fab- but when it’s hot I often go for diet & vanilla vodka. Ok- it’s good if it’s cold too 😉
    Looking forward to the progress!

  20. Rose Sponder
    Rose Sponder says:

    GREAT news! I can’t wait to be a tourist in my own town and stay at one of the glamping sites – and to recommend it to my friends and relatives!

    We camp at the coast a lot, so a flask with good Kentucky bourbon is always is my bag for an instant warm up wherever we may be.

  21. Jacquie J
    Jacquie J says:

    We are a family of hot chocolate lovers! We are looking forward to inviting our friends to have a camp out inn town! Orion is so excited!

  22. danielle reed
    danielle reed says:

    Glamping, camping, champing! Perhaps the flask can glam up to include champagne for your toasts! I personally enjoy bourbon or whiskey for cold nights (with or without hot chocolate). I would love my future alcoholic beverage to advertise your new business adventure.

  23. Denise Anderson
    Denise Anderson says:

    “Yeah” sooooo happy this got approved!! Nice location for your plan, short walking distance to downtown merchants. Will be a “win win for all”!!! I just know it will be tastefully done as well. “OH Yeah the flask” Gerry will put Jack Daniels Single Barrel in his new sporty flask.
    Good Luck to all and let us know if you need ANY help.. .

  24. Annie
    Annie says:

    Dan & Erin: Amazing work! It’s hard to get new projects okay-ed in our area. Big props. And to tag on to Sandy, I’d have to say tequila goes nice in that flask, especially El Agave. If I won it, I’d give it to a good friend, filled with that special white stuff she loves.

  25. SSteve
    SSteve says:

    Whenever I hear “camping beverage” I think about one of the times we went car camping with a bunch of other families when I was a kid. One of the families had a Thermos dispenser cooler with iced tea. I was craving the iced tea and finally worked up the nerve to ask the dad if I could have some. He said ok so I quickly put some in my cup and took a big mouthful. Neither of us knew that the iced tea had run out and the mom filled it with soapy water.

  26. Mimi Vishoot
    Mimi Vishoot says:

    My parents brought the family backpacking for 10 days every August when we were little kids. How they did it, I don’t know! Or maybe I do know… They had Happy Hour each evening, at which time we would have Tang or powdered lemonade and they would add straight ethanol to theirs. That was probably a help!

    I think I would be putting Irish Mist in the flask… Mmmmmm!

  27. karen stone
    karen stone says:

    i am SO VERY EXCITED about the upcoming campground, it’s just what we need in this wilderness loving community!!! you guys ROCK for thinking of it and putting it into action. i admire you greatly, and our shared love of this town is a common bond.
    i think i’d be putting some nice warming sweet amaretto in that there flask!!!

  28. Vanda Symon
    Vanda Symon says:

    Unfortunately the gorgeous wee hip flask won’t fit a bottle of New Zealand Central Otago Pinot Noir, so as a plan B I would fill that wee cutie with some Bailey’s irish Cream liquer to contaminate my coffee with (-:

    • erin thiem
      erin thiem says:

      Contaminate… ha ha! Cheers my friend, with whatever you’re drinking, near or far. Can’t wait to see those promotional photos of your flask on its Southern Hemisphere tour.

  29. Cedarclif
    Cedarclif says:

    What a great product! We’d have to say our favorite camping beverage is the High West Campfire Whiskey, or possibly a bacon infused Old Fashioned. There’s actually too many to choose from! Happy camping (and drinking).

    • erin thiem
      erin thiem says:

      Love the idea of you having a sippy cup. We might have to work on the Inn Town Campground’s future Christmas tree ornaments… if we start the order now you’ll be ready for the 2016 holiday season right?

  30. Marilyn B
    Marilyn B says:

    Hot chocolate with Fireball. OR – Southern Comfort and grapefruit juice. OR – any whiskey. OR – Rum and Coke. OR….

  31. Laura
    Laura says:

    Just to name a few: fireball, southern comfort, grand mariner, kaluah, or baileys in hot chocolate or just by themselves! Its all good and its even better in a portable good looking flask!

  32. Angela
    Angela says:

    Can’t wait to pay you a visit. Such a great concept !!… Favorite camp drink???
    Whiskey floats or copper camels and of course ice cold beer


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