Happy Spring!  The flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and we can feel that camping season is just around the corner.  Our online reservations are now available from July 1st onwards and we’re amazed by how popular the glamping tents are!  It’s been great to get such positive feedback from all of the campers interested in the Inn Town Campground.  If you’re coming to visit us this summer and you want to try camping, check out our website for more information, study the map for where you want to camp and book online.  If you missed our news updates, we had a great write up in 7×7, a photo gallery in NBC Bay Area Worth The Trip Blog, stunning photo editorial by Katie White Photography, a fun shout out on the blog LuCurates and a radio interview on KNCO. Whew!  And we’re having lots of fun on Instagram showing off behind the scenes photos and more… follow us along for daily updates.


If you missed our social media welcome to our new campground manager, meet Jed Rinne.  He’s been spending a lot of time in the vintage Airstream office, answering questions, getting the campground systems in mind and trying to tackle the lengthy list of things to do.  I had him sit down and answer a few questions….

Erin: What’s something you’ve discovered about the campground since you started working here?

Jed: That it’s less than 5 minutes from some of my favorite places to eat!

Erin: Do you have a favorite camping story you want to share?

Jed: When I was a boy my father took me on a five day camping trip deep into the woods along the river. A huge series of thunderstorms came through, that we were not prepared for in the slightest, so we made garbage bag ponchos and scoured the hillsides looking for materials to make a shelter. The thunder would crash and echo through the canyon and we would follow each boom with our own excited yells. It was both miserable and wonderful and I think of it often.

Erin: What makes you the most excited about the Inn Town Campground?

Jed: Families and kids getting to be surrounded by trees and spending time together outside.


Erin:  What’s it like working in a vintage Airstream office?

Jed: Awesome. There are lots of windows giving great light and views of the campground. You really get to hear the heavy rain and the dome ceiling has good feel above you, plus Dan made an amazing hardwood desk so I have ample space.

Erin: What’s been the most asked question?

Jed: When are you guys opening?

Erin: And what is the answer to that question?

Jed: June, we’ll announce the grand opening date as soon as we finish the construction.

Erin: I hear you’re hiring?

Jed: We’re currently looking for folks for our night camp host, if you’re interested in being a Camp Host, please email us.

Erin: What do you think will be your favorite part about the campground when we open?

Jed: Being a small part of the enjoyable experiences and memories people will have here, and being able to help guide guests to all the amazing things about this place where we live.


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