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Screen Shot, Dan & Erin Thiem, interview with RVFTA

Last year we were interviewed by Stephanie and Jeremy from RV Family Travel Atlas and this week we’re excited to say they’ve invited us back on the show for a follow up chat.  You can listen to their latest episode Campground Etiquette on their blog or follow their Podcast on iTunes.  I highly recommend listening to the whole episode, there are a lot of great tips, but if you’re in a hurry, you can catch us starting at 55:20 in the episode.  We chat about the project, our visions, highs and lows, plus why you should come visit Nevada City in your RV.  I said, “It’s been a learning curve from the beginning to the end…. I think the moment that makes me proud of the project is when we finally released the online reservations earlier this year, and we just got a huge amount of support from our community, it was so fabulous to have various local businesses and non profits and friends, and family and people we don’t know share the link, share the excitement and really get behind us.  For me that shows that we may be out there working on it on our own, but there is a whole community that is cheering us on, both near and far.”  Find out what we learned by working together.  Below are a couple of photos to show you that we’re huge RVFTA fans, happy to support their network of podcasts by sporting their t-shirts.  Thanks RVFTA for having us back on your show, we can’t wait to meet some of your listeners.



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  1. Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson says:

    David and I went on the tour of the campground last Monday and wer Very impressed by all you’ve done! To actually see everything I’ve been hearing for the past year was just great. Kudos to you and Dan!

  2. Giovanni
    Giovanni says:

    I love the story in today’s Union. I can’t wait to see this campground fill up this summer and become the premier camping destination for our area. All the hard work will pay off big time. Congratulations on all the excellent progress and perseverance 😀

  3. DERPYCHICKEN345(aka ben)
    DERPYCHICKEN345(aka ben) says:

    The campground is going to be really really really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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