Ringing in the New Year

Glamping tents in fog

Nevada City

Happy New Year!  How are you beating your winter camping blues?  I’ve been trying to come up with the best lessons and take aways from 2020, but now that I’ve turned the page on the New Year, I think the best thing to remember is gratitude.  We’re thankful for a strong team of staff that continue to help us keep a great camp.  We’re thankful for our kids, who worked at camp when we needed some extra help.  Finally, we’re thankful for all of our campers who support our small family business and show their own gratitude to us for building a place they love to visit.   I hope to be able to look back on 2020 in the future and see the resilience and strength and love that we put into this business and how our community of staff, family and guests got through a very tough period.

But for those of you who are eager to go camping… here are a few ways to make it through these winter months.

  • Go camping more!  The Inn Town Campground is going to take a winter pause and do some maintenance projects during January and February, but we’ll be back and open for campers in March and look forward to hosting you.  The dump station will remain open on Mondays between 10am-2pm.
  • Start trip planning for your upcoming camping season.  We take reservations up to one year in advance, so winter is a great time to organize summer camping.  Plus, if you want to visit any of the National Parks or many government campgrounds, you have to book early to get your dates.
  • Organize and print your camping photos.  Every year I think I’m going to do a better job of organizing the photos… maybe this will be the year?
  • Learn about RVing, maybe 2021 is the year you buy a motorhome or a pop-up tent trailer
  • Be a tourist in your own home town…we loved having locals camp with us for New Year’s Eve, sometimes you don’t need to go far to have an adventure, staycations are going to be the next best thing.
  • Spend time drooling over Pinterest and Instagram to help inspire future camping trips.
  • Finally, if you’ve got an acute case of the blues, pull out the camp chairs and Luci light and pretend you’re camping in your living room – the kids might even have fun setting up the tent inside and baking s’mores in the oven.

While no one knows what 2021 has in store for us, we’re planning on maintaining our COVID modifications for the foreseeable future, so please keep that in mind when planning your own trip.  Our communal facilities will remain closed, so make sure to bring your cooking supplies and make use of our dishwashing stations at the bathrooms.

Glamping Interior

For those of you planning your future glamping adventures, we recently hinted on social media that we had some projects in the works, stay tuned for more details on that upgrade.  We also moved the location of our 4 twin bed glamping tent from G11 to G13 to help accommodate a little more space.  So, if you have been waiting to book that particular glamping tent in 2021, you can now do so online.  The glamping tents are open for reservations now and will re-open for camping in the spring, stay tuned for more updates around camp.

To follow what’s happening at camp, make sure to check out our Instagram, FacebookPinterest or  Twitter feeds.  If you’re looking for more local ideas, check out the Visit Nevada City Instagram feed or the Outside Inn’s blog.  As always, we love hearing from our campers and look forward to seeing you round the campfire.  Thanks Roseann Bath Photography for the photo of us from earlier in 2020.

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