Spring Snow

Inn Town Campground, Nevada City SnowIt snowed in Nevada City today!  Our community has been waiting for winter to arrive for months.  So, while the snow rarely sticks, we captured a few photos of the campground with snow (click here for a photo of the last time it snowed at the Inn Town Campground).  Hard to think we were camping locally just a few days ago (follow us Instagram for more behind the scenes and camping fun) .  Click here to see a photo of the Outside Inn covered in snow from this morning.  And for those of you wondering if snow is common in the Sierra Foothills, the answer is no.  Although, it’s a beautiful sight to see our community sprinkled in snow, click here for photos from a previous winter storm.   I’ll be back later this month with a blog post about building and designing campsites and a few other updates.     Inn Town Campground, Nevada City Snow

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