Camping in the mist

Happy New Year!  How are you beating your winter camping blues?  We’ve come up with a list of a few ideas, thanks to the inspiration from our friends at RVFTA “Kick The RV Winterization Blues” podcast episode.

  • Go camping more!  Not only are we open year-round, but many other campgrounds are available for great winter camping.  Keep an eye on the weather and when the next clear streak hits, come visit! Remember, we have a warm fire, fully stocked kitchen and dining room, plus heated bathrooms with hot water to make winter camping easy, fun and comfy.
  • Start trip planning for your upcoming camping season.  We take reservations up to one year in advance, so winter is a great time to organize summer camping.  Plus, if you want to visit any of the National Parks or many government campgrounds, you have to book early to get your dates.  We just booked us a couple of days at Wild Plum campground in  Sierra City.
  • Start a camping themed book club – Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck was Dan’s most recent classic camping tome.  Folk Trails Hiking Club will be hosting a book club meet up at the Inn Town Campground, Tuesday, Feb 20th, click here for more details.
  • Organize and print your camping photos.  We had a beautiful foggy morning the other day and captured some great drone photos above the campground.  Don’t be surprised if that one makes it into The Commons.
  • Take an art class.  Join us for our Happy Camper Wood Sign art class with The Artist Workshop (you don’t have to camp with us if you’re local).
  • Go to an RV Show (we got all sorts of great ideas at a local Bay Area show).
  • Be a tourist in your own home town…we loved having locals camp with us for New Year’s Eve, sometimes you don’t need to go far to have an adventure.  Join us on our February Photo Walk at Smith Vineyards, Saturday, Feb 24th, 10am, free and all welcome.  Or join a local hike club, never too early to start working on the 52 Hike Challenge.  We’ve teamed up with Folk Trails Hiking Club for a hike the 2nd Thursday of the month, starting in February, meet up at the Outside Inn on Feb 8th, 3pm.
  • Develop a Coleman lantern addiction (this one rang so true, as Dan has 15 lanterns he has collected over the years to convert into electric options for the glamping tents)
  • Spend time drooling over Pinterest and Instagram to help inspire future camping trips.  One of my New Year’s goals is to create a campground Pinterest, I’ve started, but let’s see if I can add more fun boards to help inspire others.
  • Finally, if you’ve got an acute case of the blues, pull out the camp chairs and Luci light and pretend your camping in your living room – the kids might even have fun setting up the tent inside and baking s’mores in the oven (we’ve still got Peppermint marshmallows in stock, if you want to stop by the camp store).

So, even if Old Man Winter has finally arrived in California, the camping blues don’t need to cramp your style.  If you have an RV or a tent; what’s better than hot coffee, a warm fire and sunshine through the trees? There are a lot of beautiful camping days in California over the winter and we’re open for just about all of them.  Finally, remember we’re only at 2,600 ft, so we rarely get snow; that means getting here is easy, but staying here is even easier.  Happy Camping!

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