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Breaking ground

It is a new month and a new set of adventures for us at the Inn Town Campground!  After more than a year and eight months, we have finally broken […]

Family Camping

It’s camping season!  Since we’re in the business of building a campground, we’ve made an effort to get outside and go camping more often.   This spring we made a […]

Airstream Restoration

We recently aquired a new-to-us Airstream.  Some of you may have seen photos of Dan’s Airstream office, click here for more photos of the beautiful restoration.  So when a friend […]


Building Campsites

It turns out there’s a lot that goes into building a campground.  For those of you who are really interested, invite us out for a drink and we’ll happily share our […]


Spring Snow

It snowed in Nevada City today!  Our community has been waiting for winter to arrive for months.  So, while the snow rarely sticks, we captured a few photos of the […]

Camping Snafus

Hello campers, after listening to our friends RV Family Travel Atlas talking about epic camping fails we got talking about some of our favorite stories from past adventures, we’ve done a […]


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!  While the Inn Town Campground is still under development (we’re making progress behind the scenes over here), I wanted to take a moment and share this festive photo […]

Inn Town Campground Approval

Hello campers!  We have a long road ahead of us, but we’re excited to say that we passed the Nevada City Planning Commission use permit approval process today.  With this […]