Happy 1st Birthday

Glamping Tent

Happy Birthday to Inn Town Campground!  July 1st was our first birthday; and wow it’s been an amazing first year in business.  We still look around the campground in awe of all the things that have been done since we began this project.  However, we both agree the best part about owning and running a campground is chatting with happy campers.  So, many thanks to all the folks who have supported us in this amazing journey.  For those who want to go back and read the round up from opening weekend last year, click here.

We appreciate the community support, our families, the talented and patient staff at the Inn Town Campground (thanks Jed, Jenny, Jordan, Skye, Ryan, Paige, Scott and Ken).

In terms of upcoming events, we’re still showing movies on our outdoor movie screen on Fridays & Saturdays, plus craft time on Saturday afternoons.  The next Folk Trails Hiking Club hike is this Thursday at 4pm. We’re continuing the Bear Yuba Land Trust Fireside chat, come listen to naturalist Steve Roddy tell stories, Wednesday, July 12th.

There are all sorts of amazing events in Nevada County this summer, below are just a few.

And if you’re planning ahead, check out our Nevada City Film Festival Stay and Play package (September 7-15) or the Girl Camper weekend (October 20-21).

Finally, we’re excited to announce that we have two new glamping tents.  G20 and G21 are now available to rent, G20 is our new family glamping tent with a queen bed and twin bunk beds.   If you are looking for slightly larger tent, check out G20 online, click here for more photos.

We’re still excited by all the great press we continue to receive; many thanks to KCRA for visiting and giving a shout out to our first anniversary.  Click here if you missed the clip on the news.  And for those who had a chance to pick up a copy of the new Pioneer Woman magazine, you can spot the campground in the article on Glamping.  Lastly, many thanks to East Bay Mercury News for including us in a round up of 9 glamping spots in California to check out.

It was a magical weekend full of happy campers, many thanks to all the families who came for 4th of July for the 2nd year in a row and joined our birthday celebrations.  We feel honored to be a part of the summer memories and love seeing people enjoying the campground.  If you want to follow along feel free to check out the Inn Town Campground’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds.  And if you made it this far, let’s have a giveaway to celebrate (it’s also my birthday, so I’m feeling festive), please post a comment on this blog post and one lucky winner will get a $50 gift certificate to come camping with us (or maybe use it to buy a new Inn Town Campground hoodie, photos of our new branded merchandise coming soonish).  Winner of this giveaway will be posted on Wednesday, July 12th.  Hello summer, it’s time to go camping!  And just a head’s up, the Outside Inn’s blog will have an Inn Town Campground giveaway soon (check back this afternoon).  *Edited to say the winner is Vanessa Silvas


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  1. Kathryn Boswell
    Kathryn Boswell says:

    Happy Birthday x 2 – congratulations to a successful first year and many more happy birthdays for you Erin ♥

  2. Melanie Kinkead
    Melanie Kinkead says:

    We’ve enjoyed staying several times now at Inn Town Campground, a rustic oasis in a shady forested glen near Nevada City. This lodging retreat has it all, from affordable tent spaces – with scrupulously clean bathrooms and even dishwashing facilities nearby….to the rustic but comfy accommodations of “glamping” in “loaded-with-safari-atmosphere” tent-cabins….with porches….and views….! On top of all that – the multi-purpose “clubhouse” has a store, well-appointed lounging areas, lovely cooking facilities, and great outdoor meet-up spaces for any and all social needs! The management, who are very, very experienced in the hospitality realm, runs this camp….better than just “well” – it is run SUPERBLY, with staff that is absolutely top-notch…. My camping buddy (a Grass Valley native!) and I particularity enjoyed our interactions with Jordan and Thaddeus….among others. We can’t wait to return to Inn Town again this season…..and so to relax, while being delighted with the always increasing improvements, and the convenience (plus savings in gas and drive-times!) of being so close to Nevada City/Grass Valley!

  3. Penelope
    Penelope says:

    Happy first birthday Inn Town campground!! My girlfriends and I can’t wait for our glamping trip later this month! ❤️

  4. Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson says:

    Even though we haven’t been camping ⛺️ at Inn Town Camp Ground, we’ve been following what’s going on and we’ve visited several times. We love ❤️ it there and reccomend it to our camping friends! The pool is a great addition, and the posting of activities is a boon to the community as well as the campers congratulations on a job well done! 👏👏👏👏❤️

  5. Adriana Jenson
    Adriana Jenson says:

    I just discovered your campground when searching to see if there are any tiny home communities in California. There was a “related” articles section on the website regarding the top 15 glamping sites in California, so I checked it out.

    I only recently found out about glamping. I’m thrilled to discover a new multi-use campground that includes glamping relatively close to us (we are in Citrus Heights).

    Many of our friends have RVs, but we prefer tent camping. The only thing that makes it difficult when camping with our RV friends is it takes us a lot longer to set up and break down. Therefore, they begin their activities before us. I would love to check out your campground the next time we camp with our RV friends, so we can be at the same pace as our friends.

    Aside from that, my husband and I had some health challenges, resulting in 5 surgeries last year between the two of us. It has made it difficult to camp, and I miss it dearly. I would love to go glamping, because I believe it would be less work, more relaxing and more comfortable. The beds would be good for my husband’s back and shoulders and my neck.

    I look forward to the next time we’re sitting along a body of water, fishing poles cast, enjoying each other’s company and absorbing the surrounding serenity.

  6. Nikki Branham
    Nikki Branham says:

    Congratulations on your first anniversary and happy Birthday as well! We have plans to come in September to celebrate my birthday and have been looking forward to this for months now. Can’t wait for our first trip there!

  7. Katie
    Katie says:

    We had such a great weekend celebrating with you! Not everyone can say that their work makes hundreds of people very happy, but that’s what you all are doing! Looking forward to our next trip!

  8. Lindsey Goodwin
    Lindsey Goodwin says:

    My 3 sons and I arrived for a mini-vacay today and they are loving it all! We are at the pool as I type this. Meanwhile the grandmas are living it up at the Outside Inn. Love this town!

  9. Andi
    Andi says:

    We came and took a drive around the campground this last weekend. I can’t wait to come camping and maybe glamping. Happy Birthday 🎈

  10. Loni Ulrich
    Loni Ulrich says:

    Happy birthday!! We stayed in your awesome glamping tents in June and were so pleasantly surprised by your facilities. You have it all and make camping so easy and fun! We were particularly impressed with the cleanliness! Can’t wait to come back!

  11. Mandy Dunkle
    Mandy Dunkle says:

    Happy Birthday to you and your lovely outdoor inn! We can’t wait to stay there this coming weekend! We’ve been looking forward to it for months. And now a family tent? Ahh, may have to book ahead for next season!

  12. Sierra C
    Sierra C says:

    I just found out about you guys and can’t wait to visit! My husband and boys LOVE camping, but I’m happier in a hotel! You guys would be the perfect fit for everyone in our family to be happy!

  13. Jen
    Jen says:

    Happy 1st Birthday, Inn Town Campground! We’re so glad to be back again, helping you celebrate this week while camping & enjoying 4th of July festivities. Also, HBD to you too, Erin! When an epic place for a celebration 🎉

  14. Sarah Doherty
    Sarah Doherty says:

    Congratulations on a year of glorious glamping! We’d love to come stay. My hubby and boys always want to camp, and I want a more “comfy” environment, so this would be perfect, plus we love Nevada City. I know we will make it part of our future plans!

  15. Brandy Yoachum
    Brandy Yoachum says:

    My family loves your Glamping tents, just saw the family one can’t wait to come back for camping and also use the new pool.

  16. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Stayed for the first time a few weeks ago! What a great experience! The grounds were amazing and the staff was beyond friendly and very accommodating! High recommend!

  17. Jim Broedlow
    Jim Broedlow says:

    Happy Birthday to you and In Town Campground. Thank you so much for making this awesome place for our family to enjoy. Our stay on the 4th and 5th was amazing. We can’t wait to rent G20and 21! Hope to see you soon.

  18. Maisie Hughes
    Maisie Hughes says:

    Our family is seeking out new glamping locations and yours looks like a gem. We plan to visit before the fall ends. The pool and walks to towns and being near the rivers are all positives.

  19. Vanessa Silvas
    Vanessa Silvas says:

    What a great year of growth! My family and I have watched the campgrounds grow with our visits to the NGRR museum. We love ❤️ and enjoyed the grounds with our family walks. A lot of history, beauty, love and course fun throughout the grounds. We can’t wait to see what else is in your future 🙂
    Cheers to many more

  20. Ashley N
    Ashley N says:

    Happy Birthday! Your space looks wonderful. We’re only hoping you’re not as booked up the next time we come to town so we get a chance to try your cabins.


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